Written from the unique perspective of a fast jet cockpit, Tornado Over the Tigris captures the essence of what it was really like to fly a Tornado at the front-line of the Cold War in Germany and on operations over Iraq in the aftermath the Gulf War. 

After achieving a boyhood ambition to qualify as an RAF pilot, Michael Napier was posted to RAF Bruggen in Germany where he spent five years flying Tornado GR1 strike/attack aircraft at the height of the Cold War.   Always exhilarating, sometimes amusing and often dangerous, Michael Napier’s Tornado flying ranged from ‘routine’ low-flying in continental Europe and the UK to air combat manoeuvring in Sardinia and the ultra-realistic Red Flag exercises in the USA. 

After two tours flying the Tornado during which he progressed from struggling first-tourist to respected four-ship leader, he became an instructor at the Tactical Weapons Unit at RAF Chivenor.  This tour, during which he flew the Hawk, provided yet more exciting and challenging flying.  He returned to the Tornado at Bruggen as a Flight Commander shortly after the Gulf War and subsequently flew a number of operational sorties over Iraq, which included leading airstrikes against Iraqi air defence installations as part of major Coalition operations.

Foreword by Air Marshal G J Bagwell CB CBE

See Mike talking to Aircrew Interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsNbx9r_sB0

Tornado Over the Tigris is published by Pen & Sword Books 30 July 2015

ISBN-10: 1473834139

ISBN-13: 978-1473834132

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"If you like being strapped into a fighter cockpit and churning and burning in afterburner (or reheat as the Brits call it), you'll love Squadron Leader Michael Napier's story! A great read, it takes you on a journey from youth, through training, and into the lethality of combat ops over the skies of Iraq. I found myself gripped by the details of squadron life, of insights into the complexities of functioning in a coalition of different air forces in a foreign land, and of the gut fear of first combat. Napier's recount of his life and times is a must read for anybody with a passion for fast flying and crushing g-forces."

Mike Mullane, NASA Astronaut (Ret.),Col., USAF (Ret)

Author: Riding Rockets, Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut.

"Professional competence is still the military gold standard, and the modern RAF has it in spades. Michael Napier's telling of the Tornado professionals' story puts you in the cockpit and takes you on a grand adventure."

Stephen Coonts

Author: Flight of the Intruder.

"Vivid rich in detail and of full of some terrific aerial action, Tornado Over the Tigris takes readers into the cockpits and crewrooms of a frontline RAF squadron during a fascinating period in the service's history." Rowland White

Author: Vulcan 607, Phoenix Squadron